It seems funny that I put “page under construction” for months when actually I don’t even have even a spark of idea on what to write. But now that I start typing……like a waterfall, I realise that ideas gush out out of nowhere ONLY when I begin my words. It’s weird and silly at the same time!

The real motive of creating this blog is to kill time as a high-school graduate, currently busy filling college application forms. Unlike my other friends,in this mean time, I don’t search for either full-time or part-time jobs (even though I REALLY want to). Don’t look at me the wrong way. I stay at home, finally get to help my mom doing house chores, picking up siblings from school, and the exciting part is I get to do things I barely have time to do all this time! Maybe I don’t get the experience going through the bittersweet of being an employee, however, I never think staying at home is a bad thing at all.

Advantages (from my point of view):

1)People say that college life is going to be a tough one, you got no time to sleep, gaining kilos of eyebags. Well NOW I AM SPENDING MY LONG LONG HOLIDAY AND FREE TIME BEFORE THAT LIFE ARRIVES.

2)I want to share the burden my parents are going through in order to support our family. As I am the eldest sibling, now I have to play my role to chip in and give them the chances to relax….

3)Learn new things such as cooking, baking cakes (only this time I got the chance to bake a chocolate cake :’)), GETTING DRIVING LICENSE.

4)I get to do things I barely have time to do all this time! Last year, I can say that I focused on my studies in order to score the public examination. It was a crucial exam that I knew I have to do well and get a decent result and the first thing I want to know when I open my eyes later is, admitted into a college. I am not born a genius, thus I worked hard, hitting books during my free time(Okay this sounds like a sad story). After the examination ended at the end of November 2016, I FINALLY WENT WILD LIKE I HAD EVER WANTED. THE DAWN OF A VERY LONG HOLIDAY FOR US HIGH-SCHOOL LEAVERS. I draw, doing sketches, chit-chat with friends until the night ends, watch movies and tv shows, learn new languages, gobble up food I was restrained to eat last year, laugh without reasons, sleep for hours (I am fond of this one), tweeting nonstop, fangirling over celebrities 24/7, write stories, READ NOVELS OMG.
[Searching for the words clubbing and drugs: ERROR 404]
There are so many things, so many things I am now able to do…. and to be honest, I definitely know I have loads of free time when I notice that I am able to think about a particular someone, real and 3D…….

Leave out the ‘focusing on studies’ stuff, to think back, last year was a hectic senior year. Close enough to be the best year ever that I believe that my school life is a COMPLETE jigsaw puzzle. I would want to talk about it later!

I have always wanted to write a so-called report about my daily life ever since 2017 arrives. Well… is in the end of March 2017 I finally start off…..Here it is….(laughs)

Last words, if you think I should try out something new during this super long holiday, I am happy to accept recommendations. My youth spirit is burning!

Cherish your life always and forever.

30 MARCH 2017


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