Monthly Archives: April 2017

Asasi Tesl UiTM intake 2017/2018 interview (Experience)

Caution: There are grammar mistakes and Manglish (Malay-English) writing here. I will edit this entry time to time. Hello! I am here to share my experience going for my Asasi Tesl UiTM interview for year 2017/2018. To the people who are curious about this interview, I am here to give insights of what really happened […]

Siri and Pick-up Lines

So I scrolled my twitter and found out about Apple Siri could do pickup lines! Siri can improve more as I don’t melt with all those lines 😂 Nice try though!

Turning 18

Caution: the post might have some grammar errors. I couldn’t find any free time to post an entry the whole bombastic weeks! So here it comes…. 3/4/2017 was lit! It was my 18th birthday! I should highlight that there are too many first times on my birthday this year and one of them is…..having a […]