Turning 18

Caution: the post might have some grammar errors.

I couldn’t find any free time to post an entry the whole bombastic weeks! So here it comes….

3/4/2017 was lit! It was my 18th birthday! I should highlight that there are too many first times on my birthday this year and one of them is…..having a birthday celebration with my friend!

My best, childhood friend came all the way from Terengganu, the East Coast of Malaysia, to my town here in Selangor, The West part! She had planned to celebrate my birthday by hanging out together in Setia City Mall, Shah Alam.

First we entered the mall, Aliaa and I went to the Secret Recipe. She bought me a slice of Chocolate Walnut Cake—my favourite! What is a birthday celebration without cakes , right?

Next, we walked to Mr Dakgalbi. It’s my first time here and I was and still thankful for being introduced to this restaurant!! The main dish looks so nice I almost drooled. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what was the name of the main dish. I only knew how to gobble up food. Beside that, for the first time ever, I ate the must-have food in most k-dramas—the kimchi! Well, umm, honestly, I never thought it would taste a bit sour despite how korean people reacted in television shows. What I can say is they succeed making everyone thinks kimchi is tasty 😂and even it was not the first time I held a pair of chopsticks, however, I COULDNT EVEN HOLD ANYTHING TBH. I’m not the kind that give up easily so i tried all over again, pick up the chickens and rice, and all those attempts came in failure (didnt even reach my mouth) I was a bit frustrated and since I was too hungry… thus I let the chopsticks go and took a spoon. Dig in!

 Due to the beautiful presentation of the main dish and I was super hungry, I only remembered to take a picture of it in the middle of eating. The yellow one around the circle is cheese! Yummy!

Next destination, we climbed up the escalators to a cinema. Actually we were in denial on opting movies to watch—between a malay romantic comedy novel-adapted movie, ‘Kimchi Untuk Awak‘ or the most anticipated ‘Beauty and the Beast‘. 

One of us is a huge fan of Aiman Hakim Ridza, the good-looking hero in ‘Kimchi Untuk Awak‘. So it had to be the main reason to watch the movie!

While ‘Beauty and the Beast‘? I don’t find any reason other than the ‘higly anticipated 2017 movie’ reason. OH WAIT EMMA WATSON.

Eventually we found ourselves bought ‘Beauty and the Beast’ ticket for two. Next, popcorns, mineral waters to spare for those 2 hours 10 minutes. 2 hours already sounds horrible. Yeah I wondered what kind of craziness I was going through the whole 2 hours :’)
It was starting!

After the movie ended, we went to perform our solah. Allah is our priority despite all those fun! Glad I didnt forget Him!

After that, we went all the way to ‘Padini Concept Store’ to buy a pair of new shoes for Aliaa as her legs were in bandages. (She went to Ikea the other day so 👀) Since it was my birthday so she bought me new shoes too as a birthday present! Mom was not there to help me choosing thus I decided to buy the exact same shoes as hers. We matched ours and made a sweet couple!

I went to buy some books at the MPH Bookstores—presents for myself!

First time trying Starbucks’! Yep my first time :’)

There I was, standing in front of the East Entrance. I give a complete ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the lighting was too good (+ the filter)! (By the way, the shoes are not the ones Aliaa presented for me)

After a few walks and then, we called it a day. What a day! What a day! Time to go home!

My father fetched both of us and together sent Aliaa to a particular place nearby which her aunt would pick her up there and later on go home. She really did go home. Deep in this heart, it was hard to let her go. But well, that was not the last goodbye, right?

At night, another good friend of mine, Shu, gave me a slice of cake! Altogether I received 2 slices of them in just a day! I could never be happier! I feel so appreciated :’) Thank you so much. I love you ❤️ 

It was sort of unexpected things to happen when a lot of my school friends wished for my birthday despite school had ended months ago. What I loved more was receiving wishes from my close friends. I thought they didn’t remember my birthday! Love you guys more!

It was a hectic day for me. I don’t hope much for my birthday next year but if there are some people who still appreciate my very existence, that is more than I could ask for.

My wish for myself: be happy, be healthier than yesterday, reaching 18 doesn’t mean you can now freely go wild and all. Study well and make your parents proud! Believe in yourself and love yourself for who you are.

It’s time to put down my pen,



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