Asasi Tesl UiTM intake 2017/2018 interview (Experience)

Caution: There are grammar mistakes and Manglish (Malay-English) writing here. I will edit this entry time to time.

Hello! I am here to share my experience going for my Asasi Tesl UiTM interview for year 2017/2018. To the people who are curious about this interview, I am here to give insights of what really happened (to me) on that particular day.

Some of my friends didn’t get the interview calling letter. I remember back then I put Asasi TESL UiTM as the first choice in my UPU application form. I strongly believe that is the main reason why I get the interview letter. Ah, for your information, you would get the letter through UiTM official portal online. Be sure to constantly check the UPU website for any announcement and news regarding to interviews and important dates.

How the rest of the interview letter looks like for real? It’s a surprise 🙂 For now, I can only reveal the date, venue and time details, so here you go:

Date: 23rd April (Sunday)

Time: 8:30am

Venue: Pusat Asasi UiTM Kampus Dengkil

In the letter, it’s also stated to clad in a formal attire. Thus, on April 23rd, I wore all-black Baju Kurung with flowery-patterned bawal hijab and black high heels. It is true that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but for an interview, first impression matters. Hence, do please take care of your appearance. I wore clothes that raised up my confidence level. For me, one of the ways to raise up my confidence level is by standing in heels + a smile on the face. 

Let’s proceed. My family and I arrived in Pusat Asasi UiTM Dengkil an hour early. We spent our time with having our breakfast at a nearby food stall outside of the campus. Then, again, after eating, I arrived in Pusat Asasi UiTM Kampus Dengkil 15 minutes earlier. BE SURE TO COME EARLIER THAN THE STATED TIME OK?

Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak: the place where the interview and test were held

I entered into the the building and found this: 

Follow the direction on the sign and if you need help, do stop by and ask the people in-charge there or maybe the ones around you!

I walked through the hallway until I saw whiteboards with namelists attached on them. I searched for my name and my panel. Yes. Panel 10!

Be ready with sudden happeningz like: suddenly have to go to the toilet right before the writing test starts :’) cuz it happened to truly yours here. ugh I swear I really hate it when this happened at this crucial time. Fortunately I started the test right on time. 

So there are 2 parts of interview:

  • the writing test
  • the oral interview

First, writing test. For the writing test, candidates were given an hour to finish two sections; comprehension (objective questions) and essay. I can say that I was incredibly screwed up by the objective questions to the point that I don’t want to remember anything about them at all. But well, pace on. I did my best on the essay. I got “The Disadvantages of Smartphones” sounds simple isn’t? (Not to forget, not everyone gets the same exact essay question) Please try your best to focus doing your papers. During my time,  in the middle of the cold hall, there’s girl beside me she was so wild, answering her papers and there was a phone continuously ringing for minutes too—I could not even think straight with all these distractions yet Alhamdulillah I managed to finish in time.

After one hour, time’s up!

We straight away walked out of the hall and went to the respective place for the oral interview according to our own panel. I was in panel 10! Outside of the interview room for panel 10, one of the lecturers/interviewers explained to us about the arrangement of the important documents in our files, and told us to come inside the room only when the bell from inside the interview room rang. I need to highlight here that please make sure to bring along all your COMPLETE documents, certificates and the verified document photocopies. Why? It’s because a few candidates before me in my panel, there were some issues with their documents and ended up causing troubles to the interviewers. Also, time was wasted. Actually I really enjoyed those wasted time keke.

While waiting for my turn, I made friends with the other candidates in my panel. At first all of us looked very nervous but thanks to our talking and laughing, the nervousy was reduced bit by bit. Guess what! I really had fun talking to them. They were so friendly! Whatever is it people, just mix around okay! Speak English with each other. Don’t be afraid of knowing new people. After 17, impermanent people are a normal thing so don’t be afraid of losing them. Or If you choose to stay in contact, you can take their numbers and socmed accounts username!

Finally after a long time, the bell rang—it’s my turn. Before I come in, I make sure to put on the brightest, charismatic smile of all. If your smile is enough to make your confidence glows up, that’s more than anything!

There were two interviewers; a woman and a man. The interviewers seemed like they were in rush. I understood what they had been going through so it’s fine. As soon as I came in, they asked for my name and file. And the war had embarked the moment they said, “You may sit down,”

Beware: all my conversation written here are mostly with grammar mistakes. These are based on how I talked at that time. Some words are improvised due to the brain matter (I TRIED MY HARDEST TO REMEMBER THE WHOLE LEGIT CONVERSATION YKNOW)

Iv: Tell us briefly about yourself.

Me: Thank you. First of all, a very good morning. My name is (my name) and I currently turned 18 years old within this month which was on April 3rd 2017.

Iv: wow ok happy belated birthday!

Me: thank you very much. (Proceed) I formerly studied in SMK Puncak Alam which is located in Puncak Alam Kuala Selangor. I am the first daughter to my doting parents (my parents’ names), the first sister, the eldest sister to my 5 siblings, the person who is very passionate towards writing and learning languages and currently exposing myself to the world of contemporary writing.

Iv: you talked about contemporary writing. What do you mean with contemporary writing?

Me: Before this I am only eager to write narrative writing—like, story. But now I want to focus more on formal writing.

Iv: Why do you choose us?

Me: Teaching English As second Language. In my opinion, teaching is educating. So I want to educate people and society. To educate, I want to be a public influencer. The people who are in TESL field tend to be a good public influencer and that is my goal.

Iv: so you want to be a public influencer?

Me: yes (I answered this with hesitation *face-palms*)

Iv: tell us about your co-curriculum.

Me: (at first I talked about something that isn’t even related to the question so then I realised my mistake so—) Excuse me, can you repeat back the question?

Iv: just tell us about your co-curriculum and your position like maybe a treasurer?

Me: Back then I joined Girls’ Guide

Iv: oh tunas puteri?

Me: no no (I geleng I forgot what Girl Guide is called in Malay)

Iv: Pandu Puteri!

Me: yes!

Iv: (allowing me to talk again)

Me: I can say that almost every year I hold a position. Last year,.. I hold the position of The Vice President (in the Girl Guide)

Iv: (they looked impressed, at least this was what I thought haha!)

Me: In Girl Guide of course I am commited and also go to courses. The other cocurriculum also I hold a position. (Ni cakap cam cincai sikit but well)

Iv: what do you think about our campus?

Me: (DAMN THIS IS THE QUESTION MY BRO ASKED THE NIGHT BEFORE) the first time I come here, the first word that comes to mind is the word—peaceful. I imagine it like my school. my school is peaceful too.

Iv: so you like it here?

Me: very much!

Iv: Isn’t your place has traffic jam?

Me: no?

Iv: I thought Puncak Alam always has traffic jam—people coming from work (Insisting)

Me: (in my mind I thought maybe they think Puncak Alam is Shah Alam) it’s Pun-Cak A-Lam. There’s no traffic jam in my place. ( i feel very weird cuz really man there s no traffic jam as far as i know)

Iv: (idk what they said after that)

Iv: So do u read newspaper?

Me: Yes I do (internally: only days before this day ma’am)

Iv: blablablabla can u tell us one of the current issues?

Me: ( I talked about Dato Sri Hishammudin, the Defense minister who recently was assigned with his new portfolio as the Minister of Special Functions)

Iv: How about in education?

Me: (Actually I was not well prepared for this so I tibai jela ayat) Our Prime Minister recently signed MOU with India for bilateral trade in education.

Iv: Tell us why should we choose you?

Me: First of all, I believe in my english profiency is good. Secondly I have faith in my communication skill. My communication skill is quite good too. It was developed well when back then i joined the Choral Speaking Team and from that I learnt about teamwork and as result, we won the competition. I also learnt about leadership as I am a senior so I have to train the juniors and co-op with them. And also like just now before this interview I even communicate well with the people outside there (refering to the interviewees).
(I stopped for a while to catch
 a breath, the ivers thought I already finished but not yet)
Me: I also can speak in public. Back then I join the poetry recitation with my partner and face the public in front there do the recitation. And yes, we won that too.

Iv: do you have any question for us?

Me: Yes, I do! (Prompted) When you were at my age, years ago, have you ever thought of yourself being here and who you are now?

(This question confused the ivers at first) 

Iv: No blablablabla

Me: I think when in the future I am going to answer the same answer you gave to me. That’s why in every interview I always strive for my best (BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE UUGGGHHH I LEFT OUT THESE WORDS MANNNN PADAHAL DAH READY LAMA DAH THIS ANSWER)

Iv: Okay, you can go now

Me: Thank you. Have a good day.

And with that, people, my interview ended and I still went out of the door with shaky legs! I couldn’t think straight and that was why I was in blur when my new friends asked me about how it went. I just said, ‘it’s just okay’ ‘the questions are just fine’ yep all my answers really did not come in handy for them. I am sorry girls! But what I knew, I remember telling my friends that, (kalau ada rezeki, kita jumpa lagi!) ‘if god wills, we will meet again!” as a good bye. It sounds sad and still affects my own heart until now.

Before 12pm, I called it a day!

Now, as I write this entry, I am still waiting for the result to come out. Yes, day by day, I keep on getting cold feet hehe. Whatever it is, I tawakkal to Allah. Prayers might also give a big help 🙂

Tips to slay the speaking interview: DAYS before the D-day, do some research, read blogs. Search for questions that might be asked–they could be random–and be ready with your own answers. From my interview conversation above, I guess I already gave you some ideas regarding to questions that might be asked.

DONT FORCE THE COOL BRITISH ACCENT TO COME OUT except if you are already used to it. But if that helps you to talk, go on! The most important thing is: be yourself 😉

I tell you guys this, don’t ever feel afraid of interviews. Nak taknak awak kena menghadapinya. Mungkin awak mengelak daripada menghadapi temuduga sekarang, tapi pada masa hadapan, mungkin masa temuduga bekerja nanti, awak tak boleh nak terus larikan diri. And the most important thing is you need to always do your best in all interviews because, bear in mind, that there are unfortunate people out there who want to stand in your feet and want your place. Be thankful and always, always, always do your best 🙂

Break a leg!




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