Monthly Archives: May 2017

Words are weird sometimes. They could cross our minds out of sudden and the next second, vanish into thin air. There would be times when they keep on lingering in the back of minds, uncontrollably, for a long time; until they are turned into visible forms of writing. They could be quite emotional, irritating, poetic, […]

One fine day

I believe it’s still not too late to post this even though the event I’m going to talk about already happened about three weeks ago XD. Hi! In this entry I am going to tell you my short, yet fun hours of hanging out with a good friend of mine, Nadhirah, on Sunday, May 9.  […]

A Night Owl’s Words

Assalamualaikum and hello guys! It’s been a while ever since the last post. To be honest, I have a few posts kept in the draft, waiting for the best time to release. As I type this, it’s already past midnight, yes I am playing the role as the night owl even though in the morning […]