A Night Owl’s Words

Assalamualaikum and hello guys! It’s been a while ever since the last post. To be honest, I have a few posts kept in the draft, waiting for the best time to release.

As I type this, it’s already past midnight, yes I am playing the role as the night owl even though in the morning later I have to wake up sooo early. My family and I, we are going to Pasir Salak to visit my 16-year-old brother at MJSC Pasir Salak, to send some important things there (facepalm at this because honestly it’s because my father always finds any reason in order to just pay him a visit). Well, as much as I want to talk more, I will make this entry as short as I can.

In my mind now, the word UPU keeps on lingering frequently. For sure it does as the official date of semakan UPU will be out next week, May 15. The date seems so near yet so far. I hope and pray so that I would get the programme I am interested in and the best for both me and my future. Other than that, I also had got the offer for Matriculation Programme in Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. Needless to say, there is something in my chest sinks whenever I think about getting into this programme like, easily-said–I am hoping for something else. (Quite poetic here, huh?). Whatever the result is, there must be reasons why. You see, now I am in the tawakkal mode *shrugs*.

Fangirling: DAMN SEVENTEEN IS COMING BACK YALL YOU SEE MY EYES POPPIN’? They recently dropped trailers, riddles, hints whatsoever. You know what, ever since EXO’s Call Me Maybe era, I really has retired from cramming my brain just to crack the codes and riddles. And now it’s SEVENTEEN playing this game for their comeback? cOol!  I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH BUT ONLY… WAKE.. ME… UP… WHEN… THE… MV… DROPSZ….

Books: Currently I am multitasking; having two reads at once. One is Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give the Sun, a young adult fiction and one more is a book about improving English *run to my room to check the title* entitled Webster’s Word Power: Better English Usage. Cut out the Webster’s book, frankly speaking, I am thinking of changing my kind of reads; from YA fiction to something non-fict. I would kill myself if I said I am bored with YA fictions-A BIG NO–because it makes me sounds like I am an ungrateful human forgodsake please I am not. I believe now it’s the time to get a closer look at real life. Thus, it becomes the reason I need to pick up more non-fiction books and reads.

My eyes….they are….closing….. #prayformyeyes

Reaching the end of my words, my last ask is for all of you to have a nice day and enjoy every single moment. Cheerios, Good night to night owls and good morning to the rest of you.

May the 13th be with you!

p/s: I need to choke myself for still hanky-panky when clearly I would get my butt into the student life again in no time.


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