One fine day

I believe it’s still not too late to post this even though the event I’m going to talk about already happened about three weeks ago XD. Hi!

In this entry I am going to tell you my short, yet fun hours of hanging out with a good friend of mine, Nadhirah, on Sunday, May 9.

Intro: Nadhirah was my good friend ever since primary school and until now we are so close ‘bagai isi dengan kuku’ (Psst! We get crazy together when it comes to oppa and she’s the one I can count on when it comes to gossips)

To start with, actually we had been planning to meet each other ever since before SPM result came out. But yeah, plans interfered with our lives busy schedule + parents working so cannot send.

UNTIL THIS ONE DAY: Sunday, 9 May 11 am, aeon Mall Shah Alam, FINALLY it’s officiaL! We were going to meet up! Yay!

First impression: is that really her? I thought she s taller than me! Her skin looks flawless!

Cut to the chase. 😂

First of first, we went to Popular Bookstore; I wanted to buy a dictionary since bro brought mine to his boarding school.

For a day, she become my unofficial fashion police and guided me about mascara 101 and yep I gladly announce here that I bought a mascara-not an ordinary one-BUT MY FIRST MASCARA EVER. sorry i got so hyped. Also she accompanied me to buy an acessorry from Vintage Store. Aim buying all these: to prepare for college usage later  😋

Since both of us had late breakfast at home, thus neither of us had the appetite to eat you see. Hence, we opted Boat Noodle as our not-so-lunch destination! Haha! By the time we arrived there, we easily got ourselves seats AND OMAIGOD IF WE LATE CAME TO THE PLACE, WE WOULD NEED TO QUEUE TOO LONG FORGODSAKE. GOD S ON OUR SIDE THAT DAY THANK GOD. For your information, it’s my first time trying out Thai cuisine here. (Too many first times for me this year :’))

Hello there Boat Noodle!

Very serious choosing our food…..

10 bowls of noodles man. You would think 10 are not enough but please :’) those were already too much for us.


Next stop—Index Living Mall. For us it’s like our nearest IKEA :’) feel like having our own dream home the whole time we were there. Dear Almighty when will I ever get my very own house 😩💕

Tbh i dislike mirror selfie however for you my love i will do this ❤️

Who need sunglasses when you already have a natural pair aite :’)

LASTLY, we calmly shuffled to Baskin Robbins. There, each of us ate a scoop of ice-cream, nyum!

Finally our hours of journey in Aeon Mall ended. Nadhirah’s dad fetched her at 3:25pm, I trailed her steps heading to her dad’s car, looking at her back for good. And poof! She had gone. Sayonara chinguya 💔

After a while, my family came. I didn’t call it a day since after that, it’s family time!

Before I end up my words, I would like to say thank you again for all the quality hours you spent with me that whole day and also I want you, my best friend, to know that up then until now I have always embraced our moments during primary school, stupid days, silly things we talked about every time.

Knowing we are starting to walk on different paths to the future now, I tell you this; my soul are here for you to whole-heartedly talk with, so does my ears: they would always like to listen to your happiness and even unfortunate stories. Whatever happens in life, never ever give up and let’s do always bring our very best in studies okay?

Words out of excitement for everyone to see and for you to know how happy I was; this is it.



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