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Summing up my Asasi life

*clears throat* Umm… Hello? I can’t believe I am getting this blog alive again after months being away from WordPress (even though WordPress app is available on every device I have). And I can’t believe I am starting my first few sentences with this kind of awkward greeting and blabbering. Okay, let’s get things proper. […]

Asasi TESL UiTM Intake 2017/2018 Interview/Temuduga (Experience)

Caution: Mind my Manglish (Malay-English) writing here. I will edit this entry time to time. Hello! I am here to share my experience going for my Asasi Tesl UiTM interview for year 2017/2018. To those SPM-leavers who are curious about this interview, I am here to give insights of what really happened (to me) on […]