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It’s dusty here…and forgotten. To begin with, I am sorry. Sorry for abandoning you—the place I pour out words—for such a long time I couldn’t even count. Moons passes so many nights and only now I have the feel to drop something here.  By the time I write this, it’s 1:17 in the Monday morning, […]

Words are weird sometimes. They could cross our minds out of sudden and the next second, vanish into thin air. There would be times when they keep on lingering in the back of minds, uncontrollably, for a long time; until they are turned into visible forms of writing. They could be quite emotional, irritating, poetic, […]

Siri and Pick-up Lines

So I scrolled my twitter and found out about Apple Siri could do pickup lines! Siri can improve more as I don’t melt with all those lines 😂 Nice try though!

Turning 18

Caution: the post might have some grammar errors. I couldn’t find any free time to post an entry the whole bombastic weeks! So here it comes…. 3/4/2017 was lit! It was my 18th birthday! I should highlight that there are too many first times on my birthday this year and one of them is…..having a […]


It seems funny that I put “page under construction” for months when actually I don’t even have even a spark of idea on what to write. But now that I start typing……like a waterfall, I realise that ideas gush out out of nowhere ONLY when I begin my words. It’s weird and silly at the […]

Warm Wishes from Truly Yours

This is the post excerpt.