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Summing up my Asasi life

*clears throat* Umm… Hello? I can’t believe I am getting this blog alive again after months being away from WordPress (even though WordPress app is available on every device I have). And I can’t believe I am starting my first few sentences with this kind of awkward greeting and blabbering. Okay, let’s get things proper. […]


It’s dusty here…and forgotten. To begin with, I am sorry. Sorry for abandoning you—the place I pour out words—for such a long time I couldn’t even count. Moons passes so many nights and only now I have the feel to drop something here. By the time I write this, it’s 1:17 in the Monday morning, […]

Turning 18

Caution: the post might have some grammar errors. I couldn’t find any free time to post an entry the whole bombastic weeks! So here it comes…. 3/4/2017 was lit! It was my 18th birthday! I should highlight that there are too many first times on my birthday this year and one of them is…..having a […]


It seems funny that I put “page under construction” for months when actually I don’t even have even a spark of idea on what to write. But now that I start typing……like a waterfall, I realise that ideas gush out out of nowhere ONLY when I begin my words. It’s weird and silly at the […]

Warm Wishes from Truly Yours

This is the post excerpt.